Creating A Plan Of Action

As in anything in life, being able to accomplish your purpose (see previous post) requires setting a specific plan of attack. You may have a clear vision for where you want to go, but do you have a plan for how to get there?


Defining The Purpose & Setting Goals

Common challenges I hear often are finding the time and motivation/commitment.

For me, those issues often stem from not having a clear purpose.


Talking About Yourself And Your Artwork

Does the thought of it make you cringe?

When I think of talking about my work or sharing it, my insides feel like an angry clown whipped up a balloon animal inside my stomach, which expanded and exploded into my chest.


An Illuminated Journey into the Cavern Of Fear

Last week I shared the exercise of writing your General Disclaimer, which helps to get on paper some of the niggly negatives that you may feel or say when working through your creative process and when you share it with others. So today I wanted to talk about an exercise that can help you overcome the negatives feelings that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Before I started this website I was feeling stuck. I had done all the research I could do about the best way to start a blog, wrote articles, looked up every possible combination of words before deciding what to call it, and completed all the preliminary steps. I just hadn’t actually put it out there yet.

Why was I stuck?


General Disclaimer

I have been slowly working through the book “Writing Life Stories” by Bill Roorbach. So far it’s a fantastic book with examples, exercises and guidance to work through the process of learning to share personal stories through words, with supportive examples based on a group of people taking classes with the author.

An exercise near the beginning of the book stood out to me. I think it’s a great idea for anyone battling the minefields (or mind-fields) of a creative process.

The exercise is to write your own General Disclaimer.